Santa Rockstar HD Game

This Game Require's the 3D Unity Plugin - Install Now, Then Refresh this Screen

Santa Rockstar HD – If Santa hit the gym and bought an axe, this would be the result

It’s Upon Us

You’ve guessed it: Christmas itself is in trouble yet again and it’s pretty much up to you to stop it by using your keyboard as if it were a full-on guitar. If you like your Christmas songs as shredded as your wheat at the breakfast table, Santa Rockstar HD has a lot to offer you. You’ve got muscly Santa, a roided-up reindeer, and a variety of Christmas songs to content with in a range of locations as you battle it out to save Christmas for the sixth time in a row. Don’t blame Santa, blame developers Bekho Team for bringing Santa Rockstar back for another year, and this time in impressive HD splendour for all to enjoy either as a truncated Unity-based demo or in the full version for your mobile device. 

Developers Bekho Team may have gone all out this time around to bring this game to mobile, but for those that aren’t hardened veterans of the previous five titles, then this may need a little explaining. Much like Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 5 and all of the Santa Rockstar games before that, this version is based heavily on games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Their format is the thing that is borrowed here, with the premise being that so and so needs saving, and the only way to do so is to get rocking by using your keyboard as a makeshift guitar to play along to a variety of different metal versions of traditional Christmas songs. In this demo version, you use the A, S, D, K and L keys to hit corresponding notes that slide down the guitar neck just as in Guitar Hero. Hitting notes leads to bonus multipliers and lets you unleash your power once you’ve filled the meter. Failing notes quickly leads to an ending of the level.

Difficulties and Further Details

There are three difficulties in the game: easy, medium, and hard which involve using 3, 4, and 5 keys respectively. If you wish to truly challenge yourself, you can also select to play in ‘rockstar’ mode where you must actually strum the notes with the enter key as well as select the right notes with the usual keys as well. You’ll find yourself travelling through different zones in the full mobile version of this game but the demo version is limited to the first Arctic zone. Along your way you will encounter a variety of different songs to play through such as Silent Night, Hark the Herald, and Jingle Bells. The songs get more difficult as you progress but they are also more fun to play.

In comparison with other similar browser-based games like Guitar Geek, this game is miles ahead in the design, illustration and graphics departments. The whole thing is highly polished and in 3D, the songs are of high quality, and the input mechanism/guitar display is spot-on where other games suffer from mis-timings and noticeable lag between pressing the notes and them being registered as having been played.  As well as the audio being of high quality, the graphics are obviously improved here as well and are far superior to all of the other Santa Rockstar versions. If you’re looking to play the best Guitar Hero/Rock Band-style game for free (for the demo version) in your browser or at a small cost for the full version, then Santa Rockstar HD is where you should stop looking.